Domain Authority (DA) is one of the major metrics for search engine ranking policy. It is introduced and managed by MOZ.

DA is an algorithmic value designed by This value indicates how authoritative a website is. DA is a way to compare the strength of your website against other websites. Increasing your DA is therefore important.

DA is a value between 0 and 100, with 100 being the best score. It is a logarithmic score: As the value gets higher, it becomes more difficult to increase the value, for example: To go from 0 to 10 is easier than to go from 10 to 20. And going from 10 to 20 is easier than going from 20 to 30.

DA is an alternative to Google’s pagerank that has not been public for a number of years. Unlike Google’s pagerank, MOZ’s DA is based on Google’s simulated algorithms and not on Google’s own formulas.

Authority websites can get more attention from search engines and increases the ranking speed of content.

Domain authority is a major website metric. Increased DA enhances the performance and placement on the search engine. Therefore, it is also an SEO boost method for blogging.

Yes, 100%! The redirections have no impact on Google. We use the safest methods and our work is done manually.

You can buy any domain, increase its DA from this service and start selling sponsored or guest posts. This will get you clients and money from all over the world. Also you can use Affiliate marketing to monetize your site.

On average it takes 31 days to increase your Domain Authority. However, in some cases, it can take up to 45 days.

Yes, the website’s valuation includes traffic, ROI, and metrics like DA. If your blog’s DA is high then you will get a better valuation of a website.

Of course, YES! You can double the price of your guest posting blogs once DA is increased.

No! We will make redirections from websites like google which are the most trusted websites.


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